Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Are you kidding me

The McCain campaign is attacking Sarah Palin. Are you kidding me?

She is the reason you got 53 million votes. Without Sarah Palin, your candidate would have gotten 35 to 40 million votes.

You ran an inept campaign. You had a war-hero whose strategy saved this country from a defeat in Iraq. An experienced, moderate candidate with a record of leadership and working with Democrats. A candidate that had been asked by the Washington Press Corps for 8 years if he was going to run for president. A candidate whose wife was an exemplary citizen who did more charity work in a year than most people do in their lifetime. A candidate who spent a lifetime serving this country and was more willing to work with Democrats than with Republicans.

John McCain ran against an inexperienced Junior Democrat Senator from Illinois with no record of accomplishments, an anti-American wife, a preacher that is a disgrace and friends that make the Clintons look like model citizens. A Democratic candidate that bought an election with illegal donations from who knows where, lied about accepting public financing, believes in Socialism and infanticide. A candidate that had a silver tongue but was an empty suit, who if he was off prompter, would stumble.

You should have beaten this weak candidate with no effort but for your ineptness. You blame a woman who worked tirelessly for 2 months, bringing her family on your campaign trail. She put up with your mishandling of her, rolling her out to Katie Couric. Give me a break. Katie Couric has the lowest ratings of the big three and didn't deserve an interview. You did not defend her when her family suffered very cruel attacks from the left. You let it leak that she was a "diva" that the campaign spent $150,000 on clothes for her family.

This campaign was run by some pretty incompetent people but Sarah Palin was not one of them. She is the bright spot in a terrible year.


Dee Light said...

Wow!! Well said.

Clippergirl56 said...

I agree. Well said.

Anonymous said...

I'm still miffed that the U.S. voters would rather have a black man over a woman of any colour!

In any case, I doubt this is the last we'll see of Mrs Palin.

I'm very happy to have found your blog btw! Great reading.


Geri said...

I think too many people have been too mean to Sarah Palin. And I agree people would rather vote for a man over a woman.